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Best Bubblers For Hits

When it comes to smoking cannabis, you could say that bubblers deliver, “The best of both worlds.” But why? Because bubblers have the distinct advantages of two of cannabis’ classic...

By Sean Geng

9 Minute Read

Best Of

Best 10 Dab Rigs

Picture the person you love most. Maybe it’s your partner. Maybe it’s Big Bird from Sesame Street. Or maybe it’s your dog.  They’re great, right? Now imagine them being crushed to...

By Dr. Dan Kush

7 Minute Read

Best Of

Best 10 Bubblers

It's bubble time! So you're shopping for a bubbler. You're not alone. Bubblers are one of the most popular portable water pipes because they offer water pipe function and filtration in the...

By Sean Geng

1 Minute Read

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