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 Learn more about the Grav Labs Sandblasted Spoon

The ultimate sandblasted spoon.

From popular demand of their classic style spoons, Grav is proud to present these sandblasted spoons. Sandblasted with the inverse of the Grav logo, these spoons feel unique in your hands with the classic Grav colors. Take your pick from 9 different colors and grab one while you still can!

*This product is not available outside of the US*


4 inches




  • Borosilicate
  • Branded Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Hand Pipe
  • Made for Dry Herbs
  • Carry it anywhere!
  • Designed in Austin TX
  • Multiple Colors available
  • Sandblasted Glass
  • Portable
  • Scientific Glass
  • Thick Glass

Product SKU: SPF.1

How It's Made
Glass Spoon Pipes

Despite their straightforward nature, making hand pipes requires a large amount of training and experience. Glass artists start with a tube about four inches long and decorate it with a variety of techniques such as fuming, linework, etc. Next the artist starts to create the shape of the pipe by stretching the neck and forming the mouthpiece. The artist then carefully blows into the end of the tube to expand the glass and shape the bowl. They then push the bowl and pop the carb before placing it in the kiln to finish!