Bong Bag

Your bong needs a bag, bro.

Your favorite water pipe deserves proper care, which also includes methods of transportation and storage. Most water pipes are made of glass and require gentle transfer and storage techniques.

Some users understand all too well the disheartening affect a broken pipe can have on an experience, especially if the pipe was beloved, expensive, or one-of-a-kind. Cracks, fractures, and chips can affect the overall experience of a session and may even cause the pipe to malfunction.

It is important to always use a structurally sound water pipe to prevent unnecessary issues during use. One way to ensure of proper handling is to use a bong bag during storage and transportation.

We provide several different products to help users safely and effectively store and move their devices. Whether you prefer a backpack, a duffle bag, or a hard case storage unit, we have something to meet your needs. Our cases are always smell proof to keep your lifestyle discreet.

Our products are also easy to carry and easy to store, allowing simple transport and storage of any type of device. Throwing your pipe into your purse or backpack is one option, or you could treat your device with the care it deserves using a bong bag. Most pipes are expensive enough that users want to protect it as best as they can to help it last as long as it can.

Check out our bong bags below, and don’t forget to also view our collection of product storage jars and related merchandise.



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