CBD Skincare & Lotions

Not only is CBD potentially effective as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, it can also be absorbed through the skin allowing you to take full advantage of its nourishing and healing properties

Given its abundance and legality, CBD has been infused and formulated into an almost infinite variety of skincare products. Lotions, salves, balms, essential oil rollers, body sprays, massage candles, and many more are available with gentle yet potent CBD blends. Many of these products also feature blends of other natural ingredients and essential oils to provide a full symphony of healing effects.

When these products absorb into the skin, not only do you get CBD's cosmetic benefits-- you may also get the same pain relief and anti-anxiety effects as other forms of ingestion. For these reasons, it's no wonder CBD-infused skincare products have become so abundant and popular.

Treat yourself to a day at the all-natural hemp spa with our selection of infused lotions and skincare products.



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