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CBD Hemp Flowers

Letters. The bedrock of our civilization. Letters arranged in different orders can have a profound effect on the way we move through the universe. The “QT” at “IHOP” might be “DTF.” Or you might take an “L,” because you have a small “D.”

When you start putting letters together, that’s when things get interesting. MAYDAY— uh oh, let’s hope you never have to use that one. LMAO— Good one, that was funny!

One of the most revolutionary combinations of letters in recent memory has been CBD. If you’ve landed on this page at all, hopefully you have at least a cursory understanding of what CBD is in general. If not, you’re pretty smart— you’ll figure it out from context clues.

Cannabis is an umbrella that includes two “species” of plant. One is what you typically think of as “marijuana.” That’s the psychoactive stuff Bob Marley puts in his doobage. But we’ll talk about that when you’re older.

Today, we’re talking about hemp.

Hemp is basically marijuana that is bred without psychoactive components (i.e. THC). Marijuana is kind of an outdated term with negative connotations, but we are going to say it on this page anyway because we feel like it. And there isn’t a better one to describe these nuanced differentiations.

Based on appearance alone, the two plants look virtually the same. But their applications and uses are very different.

Hemp can be used to make things like paper, clothing, food, rope— pretty much anything you can imagine can be made using a little hemp and a big dream.

But probably hemp’s biggest claim to fame is CBD.

If you don’t know about CBD, watch this video.

Smoking hemp flower feels like it should be illegal. But, somehow, it’s not. The reason it’s not is because it doesn’t get you high. It does, however, give you all the benefits of CBD in the most rapid-acting and potent delivery method possible.

This is why hemp flower is considered advantageous as a CBD consumable, and why we were tickled pink to finally be able to offer it to you. As long as you’re over 21 and willing to fork over your ID (we won’t sell it to the Russians, no offense Russians), hemp flower can be yours.



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