GlassGuard Warranty Program

Every smoker experiences it at some point in their lives. We know the feeling. It's all too familiar— the agonizing experience of shattering your beloved piece into a million pieces. We set out to prevent our customers from going through that crippling event, and we think you'll be interested in what we came up with.

Smoke Cartel is once again redefining the industry standard by offering the first glass insurance program. We've got your back at every sesh, guaranteeing you have nothing but relaxing smokes. Cue drum roll...

GlassGuard from Smoke Cartel

Introducing GlassGuard, a glass insurance program from your friends at Smoke Cartel

GlassGuard is an optional plan you may add-on to your purchase at Smoke Cartel.

GlassGuard coverage is available for a handful of select brands including all Smoke Cartel unbranded glass products. Protect your glass forever with a GlassGuard insurance policy!

If you're insured by GlassGuard and have an accident, send Smoke Cartel a photograph of your broken piece. We'll let you choose between the following options:

50% off the exact same item, or a credit worth 50% of the original value of your glass to be used towards the purchase of a new piece of equal or greater value (at the time of purchase).

So how much does GlassGuard cost?

GlassGuard coverage only costs 7% of the product cost. Payment is due at the time of sale.


Can GlassGuard coverage be purchased after I've already gotten my glass?

Unfortunately not, you must purchase GlassGuard at the same time you purchase your glass.


How long does the coverage last?

Your GlassGuard coverage lasts forever. Yes, you read that correctly. If your pipe breaks in thirty years, you're STILL covered!


What does it cover?

GlassGuard is only available on, and eligible to be redeemed on the following products:

How is your warranty redeemed?

We make it easy. Just contact our Customer Service and email them a photo of the damage. DO NOT send the item to us.

If everything checks out, our Customer Service reps will issue you a discount code for use with your replacement purchase.


What are the eligible products I can redeem my warranty on?

Should your glass item break, and you have GlassGuard coverage on it, you can receive a choice between a 50% discount on the exact same product, or a credit (discount code) of 50% of the value of your covered product at the time of purchase to be used on a product of equal or greater value.   These eligible products:


How do I return my broken piece?

You don't. Once we issue you a discount code, please carefully dispose of the broken glass by throwing it out properly.


Can GlassGuard be purchased on the replacement product?

GlassGuard can not be purchased on the replacement product. GlassGuard only covers the original item you purchased coverage on.


Can the discount code I receive through GlassGuard be used with any other coupon codes?

Your GlassGuard discount code can not be combined with any other discount or coupon codes. However - Your GlassGuard discount code can be applied to items on sale.

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