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Rosin Presses

If you're not a scientist or the guy from Breaking Bad, making your own dabs can be a task that seems daunting. But as industry technology has progressed, the ability to press your own concentrates has become more and more widely available to the average consumer.

A rosin press is even simpler than it sounds. Operating one is often as easy as pressing a button. In general terms, many rosin presses function by using a massive amount of force to squeeze herb between two evenly-heated plates. The rest is history: dabs ooze out (rosin), and you can collect the yield from there. 

Some higher end presses even allow you to press large amounts of herb continuously without the need to manually collect the yield at all. 

The process is all-natural, requiring no intensive distillation beyond simply letting the material ooze out organically and the way nature intended.

Before now, such technology would likely have cost as much as a year's tuition at NYU, or a small fishing boat. But many of these presses are accessible to the average consumer without spending an arm and a leg. And if you do, the device more than pays for itself after only a few uses.

The technology in this collection is accessible to anyone of any experience level and can be as easy as microwaving your dinner. Check out our selection of consumer rosin press technology and find your perfect squeeze.



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