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Phoenician Engineering sources the highest quality components to create an excellent product and experience.

Located in Mesa, Arizona, Phoenician Engineering crafts medical-grade grinders. They use domestically sourced materials and manufacture everything here in America. Despite being a new company, Phoenician Engineering have quickly harnessed a reputation for producing excellent quality grinders.

Uniquely Effective Function:

Phoenician Grinders feature a different teeth arrangement and design compared to other grinders on the market. Standard grinders generally have large amounts of oval-like teeth distributed throughout the top chamber. Phoenician Grinders utilize diametrically cut teeth, allowing for an exceptionally smooth and effective grinding experience. These unique teeth are cleverly staggered throughout the top chamber to maximize performance. The teeth take up about 50% the surface area of standard grinder designs but are exponentially more effective. Using a grinder creates friction, and more teeth require more force to rotate. Unlike the majority of the grinder industry, Phoenician Engineering adhered to standard laws of physics to create an excellent product.

Phoenician Engineering also redesigned the locking system on their grinders. Instead of threads that are guaranteed to squeak and clog with time, Phoenician Grinders use a notch system that securely locks. The body of the grinder is also adorned with several notches for a comfortable grip and easy grinding.

Quality Components:

Phoenician Engineering spares no expense in producing their unique grinders, every component is domestically sourced. The body is fashioned from aerospace grade aluminum, and the screen is .020” thick stainless steel compared to the .005” screens typically used in grinders. The thick stainless steel screen easily allows pollen to fall through to the bottom chamber. Phoenician Grinders also use the strongest rated magnet on the market, coated to prevent chipping. Like a Michelin chef, Phoenician Engineering sources the highest quality components to create an excellent product and experience. Because Phoenician manufactures in the states, they're able to control every single facet of the process and maintain stringent quality standards.


For an in-depth interview with Phoenician Engineering, check out this knowledge base article!

Smoke Cartel currently offers four part grinders from Phoenician Engineering available in 2.0”, 2.5”, or 3.5” sizes. The grinders come in a variety of colors to match any collection! Check out Smoke Cartel for a great selection of Phoenician Engineering Grinders.

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