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Phoenician Engineering is a manufacturer of grinders to be used for dry herbs and flower. Phoenician Engineering takes to heart the needs of medical patients, and has created a product that is streamlined and easy-to-use just for them. Phoenician grinders are made with the highest quality materials. The bodies of Phoenician Grinders use medical-grade titanium, easy to twist and with teeth perfect for grinding without smashing. Phoenician Engineering is a USA-based company, and each Phoenician product comes right out of Mesa, Arizona. Smoke Cartel is glad to be a Phoenician Retailer, and we support their dedication to the industry and the needs of their audience.

Phoenician Medium 2.5" 4 Piece Grinder

$ 70.00


7 Color Options

Phoenician Large 3.5" 4 Piece Grinder

$ 110.00


3 Color Options

Phoenician Small 2.0" 4 Piece Grinder

$ 50.00


2 Color Options


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