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By Smoke Cartel Crew on May 24, 2016

A Promise of the American Southwest

Phoenician Engineering is a company dedicated to the production of grinders.  Located in Mesa, Arizona, Phoenician is an all-American company dedicated to quality customer service and corporate responsibility. Phoenician grinders are known for their durability, ease of use, and colorful design.

Phoenician Engineering prides itself on its domestic manufacturing and commitment to medical patients across the globe looking for an easy and hassle-free way to help them get the medicine they need every day.

Q& A with The Phoenician Team

How did Phoenician first get started in the industry?

Our backgrounds are in aerospace manufacturing. We worked at an aerospace manufacturing company and made parts for satellites, medical applications, and aircraft. We had a passion for the industry and we wanted to bring aerospace-caliber engineering to new products and existing ones. Then we figured the grinder was a good starting place that would allow us to branch into the cultivation and post-harvest processing equipment we have in the pipeline as well.

In what ways have consumer needs helped Phoenician address design choices?

We saw problems with existing technology and had first hand experience as well.  We knew there was a need for a product that was not only functional but aesthetically striking as well.  We are patient-centric so that mindset dictates how we address consumer needs; everything about our products is designed to solve problems for patients-not create any.  We did a lot more listening than talking when we first started and that is great advice that has served us well.

What kind of materials go into the production of Phoenician grinders?

All materials that go into the production of Phoenician grinders are USA-made and domestically sourced. Our DFARS Compliant aluminum is 6061-t6, which is the same aerospace grade aluminum used in planes, rockets and satellites.

Similarly, our screens are domestically sourced USA-made stainless steel as are the USA-made neodymium magnets we use which are the strongest available in their respective class. Our anodize process is NADCAP-approved and is of course done here in the beautiful USA.

What is the importance of buying from an American brand like Phoenician?

We realize that consumers today have many choices when it comes to purchasing and consequently they have a great deal of influence and power in the marketplace.  

We have an intrinsic and genuine interest in advancing the industry in a way that is responsible and economically sustainable. Buying American is a commitment to the future of our industry and country in general.

All too often we get caught up on price and cost without realizing the implications of those decisions as most are not immediately tangible or manifested in our culture focused on instant gratification. The costs to manufacture in America are often 10 to 20 times that of an importer; these higher costs demand higher prices to remain solvent.

Furthermore, although a higher price tag stigmatizes some products, it is important to note that the delta in cost is an investment. Our products are investments that our customers make and we expect our products to deliver long term value in return.

What makes Phoenician grinders the high-quality mainstay that they have become within the industry?  

Quality means different things to different people but for us quality is something tangible. We have an unwavering commitment to using the best materials, processes and machinery available to deliver the best product to our customer.  Quality is our brand and our reputation; without quality we would be just another company so it is the single most important aspect of our product, company culture and values.  

Fortunately, our customers have responded well to this commitment and they see the care we put in every device from our quality management system, hand-finishing process to the precision machining work and cleaning procedures.  

Moreover, our customers understand our mission and how that relates to the quality of the product we bring to market.  A fundamental component in building a quality product is having a quality team behind it and we are very grateful to have that as well.


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