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By Smoke Cartel Crew on Jun 11, 2016

What is an Incycler?

Incyclers (short for internal recycler) are a popular water pipe of choice amongst smokers and dabbers around the world. Popularized by the Mothership Glass Taurus” and “Klein” designs, an incycler delivers smooth hits by keeping water constantly moving throughout the piece. Incyclers are most commonly used for dabbing concentrates, but can also function as a crazy tube for smoking flower.

How does an Incycler function?

The process begins as vapor is pulled into the primary percolator of the incycler, where the vapor diffuses into the piece’s main chamber. Water and vapor are then pulled into the internal section of the incycler, often through a few expertly positioned intake holes or slits.

It’s important that the intakes are positioned at an angle to maximize the vortex function characteristic of the finest incyclers. At this point, vapor will be making its way through the mouthpiece and into your lungs. As this happens, water is constantly draining through the internal section of the piece and replenishing the main chamber, before being re-propelled upwards by the percs.

Why choose an Incycler?

Because water constantly moves within an incycler, your vapor has zero time to sit and get stale. This ensures that you’ll taste the full flavor of your waxes and oils. Plus, because an incycler is so water-driven, your vapor will be cooled down to a comfortable temperature for consumption. Note: For more information on making your dabs as smooth and flavorful as possible, check out our Low Temp Dab guide!

What to look for in a solid Incycler?

You’ll often hear incycler fans appreciating the “drain” on their incycler. This refers to the amount of time it takes for the internal chamber to replenish the main chamber and empty completely. Watching this take place as you exhale your dab can be a dreamy experience, often taking several seconds to carry out. Dabbers attribute long and steady drains to perfected incycler function - so if you find one that drains for a while don’t sleep, SCOOP IT!

Note: For more information, you may want to read up on our knowledge base article regarding Recyclers.


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