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Honeycomb Perc - Dab Rigs

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This is a type of disk perc that looks like a honeycomb. More diffusion than a standard disk perc because of the number of small holes that let further divide the smoke that passes through them. The more holes the better the diffusion.

"Moody Blue" Honeycomb Stemless Water Pipe

$ 79.00


3 Color Options

GlassGuard Eligible

BoroTech Glass Cross to Honeycomb Perc Ashcatcher

$ 39.00


15 Color Options

15 Sizes Available

GlassGuard Eligible

"The Einstein" Honeycomb to Swiss Perc Recycler

$ 135.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 249.00


GlassGuard Eligible

"The Gauntlet" Stereo to Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe

From $ 135.00


2 Color Options

GlassGuard Eligible

The "Triplecomb" 3x Honeycomb Bent Neck Tall Water Pipe

From $ 110.00


6 Color Options

GlassGuard Eligible

UPC Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe with Splash Guard

$ 80.00


GlassGuard Eligible

Sleek And Simple 18.8mm to 14.5mm Honeycomb Downstem

$ 14.00


4 Sizes Available

GlassGuard Eligible

Sleek And Simple 18.8mm to 18.8mm Honeycomb Downstem

$ 12.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 14.00


3 Sizes Available

GlassGuard Eligible


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