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What Can You Do With Resin?

Posted by Smoke Cartel on

So you want to get high, but you have no weed and no money to get some? 

This classic problem in stoner history has been solved with a number of depraved methods, including consume your resin. It’s not something you should often do, but many stoners succumbed to smoking their resin in desperate times.

What is Resin?

Resin is the byproduct you’ll find on your bong, rig or hand pipe after you smoked or dabbed cannabis. It’s black, sticky and has quite an uncomfortable scent.

Resin is actually tar, that’s left over after smoking weed. Unlike resin that has never been smoked, combusted resin usually contains only low amounts of THC.

Some people scrape the burned resin from their pipe and smoke it again. It is not a flavorful experience nor the one good for your lungs, but as we already said - desperate times call for desperate measures.

Note: Don’t confuse resin with live resin. To find out more about live resin, read our detailed article here.

What Can You Do With Resin?

Make Hash

One of the most popular uses of resin is making hash, often called “poor’s man hash”. To make it, scrape resin from your piece and soak it in isopropyl alcohol for about an hour. Then get a cheesecloth or a coffee filter and filter the liquid. Finally, add the dried out material to your bowl and smoke. Note - resin is tar, and you can experience serious coughing when smoking it.

Add it to Leftover Weed

You can also combine resin with any leftover weed or kief you have somewhere in the house. If you don’t think you have any weed, try scraping your grinder or storage jar. Then add your leftover weed to a rolling paper, stick the resin on the paper, roll everything up, and light it up.

Eat it

Honestly, this idea shocked us too - but we heard many people saying they’ll just eat the resin. Although it’s yucky, it’s still less harsh on your lungs. Since the resin is already decarboxylated it is safe to eat it. Have some fruit or chocolate with you to eat along with it, to mask the taste.

Give it to Someone

If you don’t think your lungs could handle resin rips, you can give it to a friend in need. But only if they really want it, and are sure they can take it.

Throw it in the Trash

Honestly, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night without sharing the overall best thing you could do with resin. The thing is, resin has only some residual THC, and it always contains more tar than any useful compounds. Smoking tar is harmful and risky. Although you’ll probably be safe if you smoke it once in a while, your healthiest bet is to just throw it away and wait a bit longer for real flower or concentrate.

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