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Things You Can Put In Your Bong Besides Water

Posted by Smoke Cartel on

Experienced tokers get very creative with their water pipes. Sometimes it’s out of boredom, and other times it’s because of a legit practical need. Either way, it’s usually inspired by that ‘creative high’ we all experience and think it’s the best idea ever.

Believe it or not, people put all kinds of things into their bongs instead of pure water. Needless to say, they experience varying degrees of ‘success’. Today we bring you some creative solutions (pun intended) when you feel like it’s time to try something new instead of boring lukewarm or cold water.

Hot Water

It may not be that obvious, but hot water is actually a great idea.

The steam from hot water actually makes your smoke smoother and allows you to take bigger hits.

The steam is very soothing and enhances the flavor of your herbs quite a bit. On a similar note…

Hot Tea

It’s a popular alternative for the same reasons as pure hot water. One of the most tried and tested is mint tea but all other flavors should work.

If you’ve ever smoked menthol, you’ll know what to expect from bong hits flavored with mint tea. A cool, soothing feeling.

Other tea blends will work well and possibly mix great with your favorite herb strains. Use your imagination!


Our favorite.

It gives your smoke a tangy feel and works great with dry herbs that are on the citrusy spectrum.

And it takes a minute to prepare. Slice some lemons in half, squeeze them in water, mix a bit, and you’re done!

This incredibly refreshing and healthy drink works wonders in a bong and brings up the best from your dry herbs. Another benefit is that lemonade will not leave as many stains as other solutions since lemons are a natural cleaning agent.


Some say YUCK, others say YUMMY. This will depend entirely on your taste buds. If you drink lots of soda you’ll probably like it and welcome it as a change. It might be a good idea to let the soda go flat or at least wait until most of the bubbles are gone. We’re not big fans of this but the world is your oyster.


This is water in another state. And it works wonders. Cold enough to simulate an ice bong and hot enough to work as a true water replacement. Try it when you get the chance. Some huge rips are bound to happen and collecting snow to fill up your bong brings out the inner child. Fun, fun, fun!

Fruit Infused Water

Water itself doesn't have to be boring. You can also put fruity infusions into your piece and enjoy a nice flavored hit to make the experience more luxurious.

Warning: it will get incredibly gross, so it might be worth it to invest in a bong with separate chambers specifically for infusion.

The Phaedhaus Infuse Bong was rated top infusion bong in our Bong Buyer's Guide.

Some Wise Words

There are many other liquids and mixtures you can use in your bong instead of water. Be creative but also be smart about it. If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t use it as a water replacement.

And remember: cleaning bongs is already a hassle, let alone when you experiment with water alternatives. Be sure to get a great cleaning solution and follow our guide on how to properly clean your favorite piece.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you put alcohol in a bong?

No. Alcohol is flammable, toxic when inhaled, disgusting to smell, and it chemically dilutes your herbs when the smoke passes through it.

What shouldn't I put in my bong?

Alcohol, mouthwash, milk, or anything with a higher viscosity than water.

These will all either be dangerous, ineffective, or a disaster.

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