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The Complete Bong Shopping Buyer's Guide

  1. Best Overall Silicone Bong
  2. The Ent's Bong of r/Trees
  3. Most Memorable Silicone Bong
  4. Most Stunning Design Bong
  5. Freezable Ice Mold Bong
  6. Highest Quality Basic Beaker Bong
  7. Best Entry-Level Scientific Beaker Bong

So you want to buy a bong? Smart choice, a good bong should be a staple in every smoker’s collection. You can’t go wrong with a classic, and there are countless iterations to choose from. The good news is that we have a bong that is absolutely perfect for you. The bad news is that I know this because we’ve seen almost every bong you could imagine pass through our doors, and your perfect piece may be lost in a sea of unending options, just waiting to be selected and acquired. That’s where we come in. 

The staff here at Smoke Cartel have pored through our vast selection of bongs to bring you our top choices for each and every occasion, style, and set of features. We have designed, purchased, sold, and even used a countless amount of water pipes throughout the years. We have the inside scoop on which bongs truly are the cream of the crop in every category we could think of, and we’re excited to pass on the benefit of that experience to you. 

Please enjoy this carefully curated list, and, as always, our customer care team is standing by if you have any questions.


EYCE Reusable Ice Bong Mold - Bongs


On Sale! $90.00

EYCE Reusable Ice Bong Mold


Tank Glass The Original Tank Beaker - Bongs


On Sale! $160.00

Tank Glass "The Original" Tank Beaker


Sesh Supply Calypso Inline Sidecar Mini Rig - Bongs Flash Deal

Deal ends in ...


On Sale! Save 10%

Sesh Supply "Calypso" Inline Sidecar Mini Rig

China Vase Glass Water Pipe - Han Dynasty - Bongs


On Sale! Save 47%

China Vase Glass Water Pipe - Han Dynasty


The China Glass Nan Dynasty Vase Bong - Bongs


On Sale! Save 32%

The China Glass "Nan" Dynasty Vase Bong


The China Glass Tang Vase Glass Water Pipe - Bongs


On Sale! Save 45%

The China Glass "Tang" Vase Glass Water Pipe


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