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What is a Swiss Perc?

Named after its resemblance to the delicious cheese, the Swiss Perc delivers one-of-a-kind natural filtration. These percolators are renowned among flower and concentrate users alike.

The welded holes of a Swiss Perc act as a barrier which smoke and water are forced to move around, generating more bubbles and cooling the smoke. Swiss Percs are often paired with other percolators for a silky-smooth smoking experience.

Note: Swiss Percs are just one of several percolators addressed in our Page about Different Percolators

How was the Swiss Perc introduced into the industry?

Swiss Percs were originally introduced by glassblower Nate Dizzle in the late 2000s. Nate was searching for a percolator that delivered great flavor while looking pristine. When Nate was prototyping the Swiss Perc design, he decided to compress the chamber to leave little room for air to get caught up and go stale. This created a low-drag smoke that also looked spectacular. Nate Dizzle still creates Swiss Percs to this day, but he’s stopped creating prodo Swiss Perc pieces to focus on heady glass.

Constructing a Swiss Perc

Creating a Swiss Perc requires different lampworking methods than other percolators. Many percs are cut with either a high-powered saw or extreme laser. Unlike traditional percs, a Swiss Perc’s function is defined by what is missing from the glass. To create a Swiss Perc, a lampworker first blows two plates of glass and fuses them together. They then use a torch to melt holes through both the glass plates and fuse them together. While they may appear fragile, well crafted Swiss Percs are made of thick glass and have expert welds.

Water Levels

Because Swiss Percs are percolators built into the tube itself, water level is a massive factor in getting the proper Swiss Perc function.

For starters, try filling your rig so that water fills about a third of the Swiss Perc’s chamber. Now try pulling on the tube! If the water is diffusing all the way up into the top of the Swiss chamber and you’re not getting any splashback, you’ve got a solid water level! If you’re not getting full use of the Swiss holes, I’d recommend adding a bit more water and trying again. If you’re getting splashback, pour some out!

Figuring out ideal water levels can always be a tedious process, but don’t be discouraged. Taking the time to find the perfect water level allows your piece to function as the glassblower intended.

Swiss Perc Function

Many smokers choose Swiss Percs for their exceptional filtration. Swiss Perc pipes usually have low drag, meaning they take little lung power to clear. Because the percolators are actually built into the chamber of the water pipe rather than fixed into the stem, Swiss Percs deliver a heavy chug that can’t be found elsewhere. When paired with other percolators, the Swiss Perc works to further break up bubbles created by the traditional percolator. This creates a different smoking experience with every percolator combination.

Because of the Swiss Perc’s unique design, each piece delivers a different smoking experience depending on the position and number of Swiss-holes. This enables smokers to get a different smoke by altering water levels.


Cleaning a Swiss Perc glass piece can be a bit tricky. We recommend cleaning regularly to alleviate the need for any elbow grease or aggressive shaking. Pick up a soaker from your local headshop and completely fill your tube. Let it sit for a short period of time—I usually fill my tube with cleaner right before I go to sleep and let it soak overnight.

After soaking, pour out the cleaner and thoroughly rinse your glass with hot water. Viola! Cleaning time will vary based off of the dirtiness of the piece.

Note: Check out our Pipe Cleaning Article for more information on cleaning techniques.


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