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What is the best way to clean your smoking device?

There are many different ways to clean your glass. At Smoke Cartel, we sell some pretty cool products that will help clean your glass to pristine.

First up, preventative measures. It's a lot easier to clean your pipe if it's not all that dirty to begin with. 420 Science makes these awesome product, RezBlock, which you drop in the water to help prevent resin from building up. Trust us, this stuff really works. 



We have RezBlock available right here!

If we're past the point of preventative measures, 420 Science also sells Smoke Soap, which is a microwavable, reusable tub of liquid that will get your glass sparkly clean. 420 Science cleaners are made from all natural, completely safe ingredients so you never have to worry about whats in it. 




Snag up a jar of your own Smoke Soap here.



If that's not for you, some people also swear by using rubbing alcohol and epsom salts.

What will you need

  • Large Ziploc bag
  • Salt
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • Pipe Cleaners (wire with the fuzzy stuff)
  • Your glass pipe/pipes
  • Q-tips

How to clean the glass pipe

Follow the first steps of method 1. Afther you have taken the pipe out of the water, clean the pipe further as follows:

  • Take your Ziploc, fill it up (not all the way, just how much you need) with rubbing alcohol you may also want to pour some salt into the alcohol and shake the bag a bit. (Alternatively, just pour the rubbing alcohol into your water pipe or dab rig.)
  • Pour some salt in the stem (not so much that the rubbing alcohol can’t get through it) and then in the bowl itself.
  • Put the bowl in the rubbing alcohol Ziploc, seal it up, and shake it for a good 30-40 seconds.
  • Scrub your pipe with Q-tips and pipe cleaners if there is any residue left.

Now you are done and have a brand new looking glass pipe.

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