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The DipStick is a phenomenal concentrate vaporizer brought to you by the experts at Improve. At first sight, this little beast appears to be a vape pen. But that’s not really accurate. The DipStick doesn’t house any concentrates within itself. It doesn’t need to be packed. Instead, the DipStick is essentially an electric Oil Collector— just place the tip into your concentrates and inhale!


What does The DipStick come with?

The DipStick comes with two vapor tips, two batteries, a charger, a cleaning kit, and two glass concentrate jars. The unit is held together by several strong magnets, allowing for parts to be easily switched in and out. Improve sells lots of replacement parts such as airflow tubes and vapor tips to keep your vape operating at tip-top shape. The DipStick also comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty, so you’re covered if you ever have any issues!

Why should I use The DipStick?

The DipStick tips are fashioned from medical grade ceramic, allowing for very flavorful vape seshes. Pair the DipStick’s ceramic tip with Honey Collector style vaping, and you get a concentrate gunk-free smoke! Concentrate vape pens with chambers tend to gunk up after substantial use— and that gross vape gunk dilutes the terpy flavors of your percious concentrates. This makes the DipStick a must for those who want the portability of a vape pen without sacrificing any flavor. Because oil doesn’t sit on the DipStick’s heating element, each hit is as fresh as the first hit from a brand new vape pen!

The DipStick is significantly easier than other vapes to interact with on-the-go because it doesn’t require any loading. Other vape pens call for dabbers to load their concentrates within a small chamber. This can be very tricky to do while you’re out and about! Plus, loading a vape chamber requires a dabber, adding a potentially messy tool to the equation. Most concentrate vapes also recommend putting very small amounts of concentrate into the chamber for the pen to work as intended. This means some dabbers have to frequently refill the pen to get their desired effect. With the DipStick, dabbers can get their desired amount of concentrates in one go. Just pull until you’re satisfied with your hit!

If you’re looking for an accessible concentrate vape, the DipStick is definitely for you. Just remove the magnetic cover and turn the pen on by pressing the power button five times in quick succession. Then dip the bad boy in your concentrates while holding the button, and inhale! All you need is your DipStick and a concentrate filled oil slick. What more could you want?

The Dip Stick

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If you’re looking for a classic non-electronic Honey Collector for all your on-the-go concentrate needs, we recommend checking out the Dry Honey Collector Taster or the “Squid” Honey Collector Taster by GlasseX! These bad boys are a great way to dip into your concentrates without lugging around large and expensive glassware. Much like the DipStick, these functional glass tubes alleviate the need of a dabber but still require a torch. Because of their low cost and straightforward nature, lots of smokers have opted to take dry honey collectors to festivals or other events instead of expensive glass art or vaporizers (such as the DipStick) that require charging. Which will you choose?

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