CVault FreshStor Storage Container

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This right here is the world's smartest curing and storage container. With 62% humidity control, the CVault has patented 2-way humidity control technology. This means no loss of oils, character, or flavor of your products. This all all done with NO chemicals! CVaults are made from durable, food grade stainless steel. A thick silicone ring under the lid ensures an airtight seal, and contains a pack holder specifically for your Boveda pack (included). The CVault containers control air, light, and humidity within the container, ensuring a tight seal as well as freshness and quality inside of the container.

  • Airtight Stainless Steel Storage
  • Boveda Humidipak Included
  • Available In Multiple Sizes
  • Built-in Humidity Control
  • Food-Grade Stainless Steel

    Extra Small: 3.25 in x 1 in

    Small: 3.25 in x 1.75 in

    Medium: 4 in x 2.25 in

    Large: 5 in x 2.75 in

    4 Liter: 9 in x 5.8 in

    8 Liter: 10 in x 7 in

    21 Liter: 13.5 in x 10.5 in


    • Dry Herb Storage
    • Made for Dry Herbs
    • Carry it anywhere!
    • Highest Quality Materials
    • Portable
    • Protective Storage Container
    • Stainless Steel

    Product SKU: FS-CVAULTXS