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Rolling a joint is a rite of passage for stoners. It’s a skill you should probably have if you’re smoking a lot or want to impress a friend. 

However, not anyone wants to invest the patience and practice to learn it. Even if you know how to roll, it can still be a bothersome job, and you want to make it quick and easy. In that case, a rolling machine is what you need.

Rolling machines come in many designs and sizes. There are classic hand rollers, cone fillers and cigarette machines which can be used with any herbs. If you’re not sure what you want to get, read our guide, and you'll know exactly what you need by the end of it. 

Hand Rollers

Hand rollers are the cheapest and easiest machine to try. They’re the most travel-friendly option, and the only option on this list that uses classic rolling papers. Most rolling paper brands have their own machines, so you can simply get one the next time you buy a batch of rolling papers. 

Most joint rollers are made with plastic, but there are eco-friendly options too.

RAW Hand Rolling Machine

A great example is the RAW hand rolling machine, made with lightweight, durable and biodegradable hemp composite plastic. This bestselling machine comes in a large pack for a cheap price, so you can keep a spare and share the convenience with your friends. 

The rollers are available in multiple sizes and though simple, they’ll make your rolling process much quicker and easier. Just place a paper in the machine leaving the glue side a bit longer, throw your filter and herbs in, roll once or twice, lick the glue and your cone is ready.

Cone Fillers

If you prefer using pre-rolled cones rather than rolling papers, then look no further from cone fillers. These fillers are also lightweight and portable, but instead of helping you roll with papers, they’ll perfectly pack pre-rolled cones.

All cone fillers have a similar, stand-up design with a funnel for filling your herbs.  But each company came up with a slightly different style and function.

OTTO Automatic Cone Filler and Grinder

The OTTO is an electric cone filler and grinder that utilizes AI grinding technology to mimic hand grinding gestures. That means it’ll flawlessly grind your herbs, regardless of its texture. It’ll then immediately fill a cone - Otto includes cones of various lengths. How awesome is that? You can pack 20-30 cones per charge and each will be ready in only a couple of seconds.

Roll It Club "High Roller" Grinder and Cone Filler 

If you want a cone filler but don’t want to spend a ton, opt for a manual one. We particularly love the High Roller by the Roll it Up Club because it has a built-in grinder, becoming a perfect on-the-go option. Available in multiple colors, this travel-friendly roller also has integrated storage. It’s made with triple polished polycarbonate, which makes it durable and scratch resistant. It’s slightly transparent, so you can see the process as it happens.

Machine Cigarette Rollers 

If you smoke a lot and don’t mind using filtered tubes, you might want to invest in a machine cigarette roller.

Powermatic III+ Electric Cigarette Injector

The most popular option on the market today is the Powermatic III+ Electric Cigarette Injector. Not a surprise considering this machine features premium build quality and is super easy to use. 

The Powermatic can fill 3 cigarette tubes simultaneously. Best of all, you can choose an ideal cigarette density, and see all the settings on the digital display.

Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector Machine  

If you like the idea of a machine roller but want to save a bit of money or need something you can take with you, then consider the Powermatic Mini Cigarette injector Machine. Although this injector uses manual power instead of electric, it’s just as easy to use as the electric version - and much more affordable. 


We hope we cleared things up a bit and that you know exactly what you need to make your rolling experience quick and easy. We tried to include a variety of styles and price ranges, so everyone can find something they like.

If you didn’t find a perfect rolling machine among the ones we mentioned, try going through our full selection. We have tons of options for all three above mentioned categories, and there’s something for everyone. 

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