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How to Light a Joint

Posted by Sara Popovic on

If you’re new to smoking, you’ll want to follow our guide on how to roll a joint. Rolling a good joint prevents further pitfalls most beginners encounter. Especially when lighting one up.

So, how do you light the perfect joint?

Slowly Twist Your Joint Until the Entire Tip is Evenly Lit

Whenever you light a joint, you’ll want to create a perfectly balanced circular flame around the outermost part of the joint. This will create a glowing tip that’s also known as the cherry.

To do that, you’ll want to bring a flame source in direct contact with your joint and then slowly twist your joint in a semi-circular motion until the whole tip is evenly lighted up.

Don't light the joint like a cigarette!

This way, you'll stop your joint from "canoeing." Canoeing is when one side of the joint burns faster than the other, forming a canoe shape. It can be a disaster at worst, and annoying at best.

Getting some natural rolling papers can prevent this, as well.

If you can, avoid using lighters or matches to light your joints. The best flame source is quality hemp wick. It’s completely natural and doesn’t ruin your flavor or health with nasty chemicals.

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