Top Black Friday / Cyber Monday Bong Deals

  1. Best Value Basic Beaker Bong
  2. Best Nostalgic Silicone Bong
  3. Top Cooling 3D Printed Water Pipe
  4. Cutest Unicorn Bong Ever
  5. Most Iconic Silicone Bong
  6. Best USA-Made Straight Tube
  7. Coolest Bong Hit Ever
  8. Best Zong-Style Pipe
  9. Best Value 9mm Thick Beaker
  10. Best 3D Printed Statement Bong
  11. Top Bubble Base Bong
  12. Top Basic Straight Tube Under $50
  13. Most Memorable Silicone Bong
  14. Most Elegant Pedestal Bong
  15. Functional Work of Art
  16. The Ent's Bong of r/Trees

Oh, bongs. “The Devil’s Tip Jar.” Everybody remembers their first bong hit. For me, it was on the roof of a movie theater I worked at. I was then fired. Then, I passed out watching “Pitch Perfect.”

If you’ve never hit a bong before, you are in for a real treat. There’s a reason why they’ve become so popular. Well, there are a few reasons. The biggest one is water filtration. With a bong, the smoke first passes through a reservoir of water, which filters and cools it before it heads up to your mouth.

This is why bongs are traditionally larger than dab rigs— with combusted dry herb smoke, the more filtration the better. But with vaporized dabs, you are working with a much more delicate flavor profile, so a smaller rig ensures less opportunity for degradation.

The type of bong you get is largely determined by the design and the percolation within. A percolator is the thing in the bong with all the little holes in it. There are many, many types of percolators— but who cares. We don’t have all day. This isn’t Percolator Cartel.

You’ll probably recognize several recurring shapes and themes. Really, the choice of bong is all about personal preference. There are so many out there to choose from that you are sure to find one that suits your incredibly nuanced taste.


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