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Have you ever been in love?

No? Well, you know that fuzzy feeling you get in your loins when you see your favorite My Little Pony character? It’s kind of like that, but about a real person.

When you fall in love, it’s always great at first. You can’t get enough. They could do no wrong. They make you forget that every other time this happened, it was exactly the same, and it ended up being horrible.

Eventually, the magic goes away. You’re like, alright, enough already. The end. Same old story.

Sound familiar? 

You're probably thinking, "This just happened to me with Mary Jane!” Well, Spider-man, you got bigger things to worry about, because the Green Goblin just said he was going to 9/11 an Arby’s.

But if you're thinking, "This just happened to me with Mary Jane!” And you’re NOT Spider-man (if you’re not sure, that means no), you’re probably talking about the OTHER Mary Jane— and you’re not alone.

Smoking weed gets old after a while. Just like any relationship, you’re not going to be in the honeymoon phase forever.

But imagine if, as soon as your girlfriend got boring and you fell out of love with her— you could soak her in a chemical bath of butane, crush her in a trash compactor, and then incinerate her with a blow torch— and it'd be like meeting her for the first time all over again.

That’s basically what dabbing is.

Dabbing is your “Get out of jail free card” for reinvigorating your sesh. A "dab" is basically a concentrated form of the good good, usually a waxy oil with varying consistency, that can be vaporized. The result is so powerful, it may or may not have made one of our employees pass out into a dishwasher on March 13, 2016. 

Dabbing is a pretty recent invention that can seem a bit daunting to someone just starting out-- but, kind of like Marvel movies or a Philly cheesesteak, once you get more familiar with it, you’ll realize it was a dumb thing to cry over.

If you want to dab, you only have one option. That’s it. You also have a second option.

The first option is the normal option— just buy a rig. Usually they’re made of glass, but if you see one made out of silicone, don’t cry. That’s normal.

You’ll also need a butane torch. It’s a whole thing. Check our guide.

What is an E-Rig?

Electric Rigs, or e-rigs, can do everything a regular rig can do. They just are a robot. Some can even be hooked up to your phone via wireless Bluetooth connection, allowing you remote control over temperature and heating.

E-rigs are relatively new to the game. At least, good ones are. Only recently has the idea of a portable battery operated dab rig that heats up automatically and can be controlled with the push of a single button or no buttons at all become as solidified as it is now. All of the sudden, dabbing went from being one of the hardest ways to smoke to one of the most effortless— without losing any of the magic that made it so popular to begin with.

Dabbing can be done at interval temperatures, referred to as low, high, and medium “temp” dabbing. Probably the biggest advantage of using an electronic rig is being able to channel these temp ranges directly, instead of just having to hold a torch to the nail and decide when it looks right.

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