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The Complete Electric Dab Rig Buyer's Guide

  1. Best Value Electric Dab Rig
  2. Best Value Electric Dab Rig
  3. Best Induction Heating E-Rig

E-rigs do everything you would normally do during the process of dabbing for you (except load the dabs). Some of them are so sophisticated, they can even connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and you can call the President. With you phone, I mean— that has nothing to do with the rig. But you can do things like control temperature, start the heating process, regulate settings, even keep track of dosage.

Not sold yet? Let’s go through all the possible ways you could go mess up while dabbing.

You could drop your rig bringing it over to the table. You could manage to get your rig on the table, then knock it over with your elbow because a guy you screwed out of 10 million dollars pulled up outside your house in a Hummer. You could heat the nail unevenly and to a random temperature you have no way of knowing but through guesswork. You could finish heating up the nail, then turn to say, “Here you go, it’s ready," forget to turn the torch off, and incinerate your friend's eyeball.  

I mean, the list goes on and on. Another list that goes on and on is our list of E-Rigs recommendations. Check it out below, so none of those horrible situations happen to you.

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