Portable Vaporizers Buyer's Guide

  1. Most Innovative Dab Pen
  2. Most Powerful Hand E-Nail Bubbler
  3. Most Versatile Vape Battery
  4. Best Overall Vaporizer
  5. Best Mini Smart Vape
  6. Fastest Heating Electric Dab Rig
  7. Best Value Convection Dry Herb Vaporizer
  8. Top Dry Herb Vape with All-Ceramic Heating
  9. Longest Lasting Handheld Dry Herb Vape
  10. Staff Pick E-Liquid Vaporizer
  11. Best Portable Vaporizer
  12. The True Connoisseur's Dry Herb Vaporizer
  13. Most Budget Friendly Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer
  14. Use Your Dabs & Wax with this Vape Kit

There's a whole world of portable vaporizers out there, and with so many options - how does one choose?  At Smoke Cartel, we're dedicated to providing consumers with product education and curating the latest + most trusted brands and vaporizers.   There's no one best portable vaporizer for everyone, so we're here to help you find your perfect handheld vape.

Some folks might be interested in something discrete and stealth, others might be interested in a vaporizer with big battery power that offers powerful heat settings.  Everyone is different, and finding the right vaporizer to suit your needs will make all the difference in your experience.

We surveyed industry experts and customers to research a list of specific categories to suit your perfect needs.  This small selection of our vaporizers features portable vapes that we highlighted as unique in a special feature set.

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