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Delta 8 vs Delta 9 THC

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis science, one topic that's increasingly capturing attention is the nuanced differences between THC variants, particularly Delta 8 and Delta 9. As we delve deeper...

By Adam Frost

8 Minute Read


What Are Terpenes? A Comprehensive Guide

The cannabis world is vast, with hundreds of unique strains, each bringing its own vibe to the table. What's behind those distinct flavors and aromas? Terpenes. These little aromatic compounds...

By Adam Frost

5 Minute Read


How to Identify Fake Carts

Vape pens and carts are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, with their rise in popularity, we’ve also noticed an increase in counterfeit and unregulated cartridges. These carts can be harmful...

By Adam Frost

7 Minute Read

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