Dab Oil Rig Etiquette

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Whether you’re new to dabbing or a seasoned veteran, it’s always good to review the guidelines of dab oil rig etiquette. Sessions should be fun and relaxed, not full of stress and frustration. If you are dabbing with newcomers, it’s important to explain how the process works and the intricacies of your pipe if you are both going to be using it. It is also important that everyone understands the potency level of the product used so they don’t accidentally overdose and ruin the experience. Once everyone understands the basics, there are a few more pieces of etiquette that aren’t so intuitive, but dabbers should know regardless.

Keep the Process Safe

Dabbing is one of the more dangerous forms of product intake, as it involves a torch and red-hot instruments. To keep everyone as safe as possible, it’s best to use a dabbing tray or mat. This way, all of the instruments are confined to one location and won’t accidentally ruin a countertop, table, or other furniture surface nearby. Many dabbing mats are made of silicone for the best surface protection and easy cleanup afterward. Encourage everyone to take their hit on the dabbing mat for maximum protection of themselves and the surrounding belongings.

Who Provides the Dose?

Typically, the person who provides the product will be in charge of dosing for everyone. They know the potency level best and are most likely to portion it out correctly. This way too, you don’t accidentally use more of someone’s stash than what they are willing to share. Not all concentrates are made equal, so it’s always best to ask before using or let the provider of the product dose for you. Beginners especially will want to start off with a very small amount. Concentrates are much more potent than dry herb and can catch a newbie off guard. Another common courtesy is to avoid touching someone else’s product with your bare hands. This keeps the product sanitary for everyone.

Hitting and Sharing

Once you have taken a hit and cleared all of the vapor you can, it is time to share with the next user. It is best practice to clean the instruments and prepare a fresh set-up for the next user. First, torch the dabbing tool until all of the residue is burned away. Next, torch the nail until all of the residue is off of that as well. This prevents the sticky residue from clogging up the nail and affecting the taste for the next person. Once these pieces are clean, heat the nail for the next person so they can quickly start their dab. After heating the nail at any point, be sure to warn others that the nail is hot. Sometimes nails don’t look hot but can cause severe injury if touched by a user. To ensure the highest levels of safety at all times, always make sure everyone knows when the nail is hot.

Dabbing together can be a fun experience as long as everyone understands the basic courtesies outlined above. Dabbing isn’t meant to be complicated, but newcomers don’t know what they don’t know. They may need someone to guide them through the process so they don’t accidentally ruin everyone’s experience.

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