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When you light your joint or fire up your bowl with hemp wick instead of butane, you won't inhale unhealthy butane gas. This will result in you getting hits that are cleaner and better tasting.

The Wrapper wick dispenser is just what you need to enjoy a butane-free smoking experience. The Hemplight Wrapper wick dispenser sleeve is designed to perfectly fit around a Clipper lighter, making it an easy-to-use holder. The Wrapper comes pre-loaded with beeswax-dipped hemp wick. 

This wick dispenser is easy to use and prevents the wick from getting frayed. Once you've secured your Clipper lighter into the Wrapper, just light the wick and use it. Then pull the lit wick down into the wick chamber to immediately extinguish the flame. It's convenient, super cool, and sized perfectly to slide into your pocket. 

 The 4" long Wrapper is available in numerous colors.  

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Good product
"Nice and slick design. Not sure where the reviews come from of saying loose fitting and lighter falls out as my normal size bic lighter clicks securely into hempwick lighter case."

- Dustin L. Verified Buyer


4" inches


Hemp Wick


  • 4 inches
  • Accessory
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Includes Hemp Wick
  • Poker Tool
  • Poker tool for bowls and joints

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