By Smoke Cartel Crew on Apr 19, 2014

What nail should I use with my concentrate rig?

Anytime anyone asks if it's worth upgrading to a titanium nail, our immediate answer is YES YES YES.  Not because we offer titanium nails, but because titanium nails are made for oils and concentrates, while glass nails are simply not. 

Here's three reasons why you should switch from using a glass nail with your rig, to titanium today!

Reason #1

Glass breaks. It just does. Especially glass as thin as a nail. The great thing about titanium though: it's strong as hell. It will not break. Guaranteed.

Reason #2

Titanium heats better. Metal will retain the heat from heating up the nail better than any glass nail. Not only that, but it will also heat up faster.

Reason #3

Residue. It's a myth that titanium nails will not leave any residue. But it will leave far less than a glass nail. Some also say they prefer the taste of titanium nails to those of glass ones.


For us here at Smoke Cartel, the choice is fairly simple. Invest in your oil rig. The few extra bucks it costs to get a titanium nail means you won't have to worry about the inevitable "tink" of the glass nail breaking. Titanium nails last. 


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