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KandyPens produces high quality portable vaporizers.

KandyPens create products for both concentrates and flowers, but their concentrate vaporizers have received significant attention from the dabbing community. The KandyPens Donuts and Galaxy pens may appear interchangeable at first glance, however they each provide a unique vaping experience.


The mighty KandyPens battery

The Donuts and Galaxy pens come with the same battery offering three different temperature settings: red at 350ºF, green at 390ºF, and blue at 430ºF. Each temperature setting is below combustion temperatures, so you’re guaranteed to have a terpy sesh no matter what.

The battery is very easy to interact with. Push the K button five times in quick succession to turn the pen on/off. Push it three times to cycle through the temperature settings. It’s that simple! KandyPens batteries last a while between charges and come saddled with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


So what makes the Donuts and Galaxy pens different?

Ceramic Disc Atomizer

The Donuts pen utilizes a ceramic disc atomizer that prevents your concentrates from making direct contact with the heating element. KandyPens calls this indirect heating “SloBurn” and it’s perfect for terpy seshes! The Donuts pen provides lighter, more flavorful draws than other pens in the KandyPens arsenal. Because your concentrates do not sit directly on the coil, the Donuts pen’s chamber hovers around lower temperatures.

As a result, it creates less vapor than some vaporizer fans may be used too. This makes the Donuts pen perfect for discreet vape sessions, where the cloud-generating Galaxy pen lacks.

Dual Quartz Rods

The Galaxy pen features a wickless quartz chamber that seriously packs a punch! These Dual Quartz Rods evenly heat your concentrates to precise temperatures all below the point of combustion. It’s seriously impressive the way this pen generates clouds, it makes me feel like I can exhale forever!

What I love most about the Galaxy pen is that the clouds are both thick and terpy– and those two qualities are too often mutually exclusive. The only drawback with the Galaxy pen is its lack of discretion. If you’re an on-the-go dabber that wants a discreet pen, you may want to look to the Donuts pen.


As a whole, both the Donuts and Galaxy pens are phenomenal. Check out Smoke Cartel’s wide selection of KandyPens products for terpy travel seshes.

Thinking of switching from pipe to vape? Smoke Cartel offers both the Donuts and Galaxy pens in a variety of different colors. We even sell individual KandyPens coils so you can mix and match colors to create your ultimate vape pen!

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