Types of Smoking Devices - Basic different types of pieces and pipes

What Types of Devices Can I Smoke From? How do they work?

Anyone first journeying in the world of smoking will be overwhelmed with the amount of options and pieces available.  We'll give a rundown of the basic types of pipes and smoking devices.



A small straight piece that is extremely portable but only allows for a few hits.  Fairly straightforward, this is an very simple piece.



 Dry pipes or spoons

A standard pipe or spoon has three key parts: bowl, mouthpiece and rush/carb. They come in all shapes and sizes.




A new type of piece offered by SmokeCartel which is a hybrid between a bubbler and a spoon.  A spoon uniqued shaped with tubes allow it to be filled with water for smoke to pass through, while maintaining it’s size as a spoon.  Because of the unique way the tubes are placed and shaped inside the glass, water doesn’t spill out and you can often carry this with you the same way you would a regular dry spoon.



A type of pipe that uses water to diffuse the smoke, making for a smoother hit.  There are two types of bubblers, a one piece bubbler and bubblers with removable bowls.


One piece bubblers - are often an excellent mix between the portability of a dry pipe or spoon, combined with the water diffusion offered by diffusing the smoke through water.


Water Pipes - "Bongs" and "Oil Rigs"


A water pipe with a bottom base chamber that flares out similar to the shape of a beaker.  They take a downstem which allows for diffusion through the water.  Beaker bottoms often give more drag than a straight tube because of the larger amount of water.


Straight Tube

In a straight tube water pipe, the entire piece is the same diameter except for the angled opening for a downstem.  Some straight tube "bongs" or water pipes allow for a downstem, some are of a stemless design.




Water pipes of this design do not allow for a removable down stem, but have a built in stem of some sort, often leading to a perculator of some sort inside the piece.  Stemless design pieces are often more durable because they don't have the moveable downstem.

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