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How is Glass Blown and How Did Glass Blowing Start?

Today, the combination of percolators, glass styles, diffusion methods, and appearance of modern glass water pipes are mesmerizing. The endless color combinations, shapes and designs are something to talk about. After all, these aren’t just smoking devices, they’re works of art. Glassmaking is an ancient art form, but it wasn’t until recent history that glass water pipes and artistic glass pipes became as popular as they are now. So how did today’s glass water pipes come to be what they are?

Back in the Day

Due to the extraordinary skill level required to make glass, early glass was as valuable as gems.

Glass making practices dates back as early 3000 B.C. where in Egypt and Mesopotamia, glass was molded from molten sand and other naturally occurring ingredients. For the next thousands of years, countries along the Mediterranean Sea were the go to hub for master glassmakers.

However, back in ancient times, the process was extremely difficult and pieces were small and expensive. These glass pieces were mostly used by priests and aristocrats. Finally, around 30 BC in Rome, glass-molding became glass blowing.  The Romans began to shape glass when it was warm by blowing into it with a blowpipe. This basic technique is still used by glassblowers today. 


Today, glass manufacturing techniques have come a long way since the days of molding. Eventually Pyrex, flameworking, the use of oxides, sulfides and other innovations like the inside-out pipe became regulars in the market. As the market continues to thrive, glass water pipes are now a favorite for smokers and their popularity continues to grow.

With glass pipe expos in Las Vegas, art exhibitions all over North America, and coveted collector pieces traveling worldwide, the art of the glass pipe can only grow. As time passes, glass blowers are challenged to come up with new and innovative styles and techniques in their glass water pipes. Most recently, we’ve seen awesome new glass pieces that truly innovated, such as the Glass Spoon Bubbler Chubbler. 

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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