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What's Your Vape? KandyPens Feather Review - Yellow

Name: Angelica

Date: March 6, 2018

Vape Tested: KandyPens Feather Compact Vaporizer  in Yellow

Juice Tested: Mr. Salt-E (Strawmelon Taffy, 45mg)

Do you vape already: Yes

Describe what you like and do not like about the unboxing process, including the packaging, the aesthetic of the vape itself, the marketing, etc.: The KandyPens Feather is beautifully packaged with easy to understand instructions. I love the satiny feel of the body of the vape itself, the cute branding, and the overall size and shape of the vape.

Was the vape easy to understand and set up to use? The setup was very easy, though getting the stopper out to fill the cartridge itself was difficult (I imagine it would be even more difficult if I hadn’t had long nails). I did read the instruction manual, instructions were short and sweet and easy to understand.

Describe what you like and do not like about the function of the vape, including how well it vapes the juice, how long it holds a charge, the ergonomics of the device, etc. What features do you like the best? The vape does work well overall. It fits comfortably in my hand and ergonomics are great. As a lighter vaper, a full charge (about an hour to an hour and a half) will usually last me about two days, and I tend to refill the cartridge around the same time. I love that it’s a pull-and-go vape, with no buttons to worry about.

My only gripe with the design is that the battery level is only displayed on the side of the vape when you pull, so it can sometimes be difficult to tell how much of a charge it has left unless you’re watching someone else use it or quickly pull it away and look after pulling (I’m comparing this to my previous experience with the Juul, where you can double tap on the indicator light and battery level is displayed through different colors.)

Do you think the product would last a long time under normal use? I think the Feather would last a long time under normal use, especially with the replacement cartridges available.

Does the e-liquid have a pleasant smell? Does it have a pleasant taste? Does it taste and smell like it is described? The smell and flavor of the juice itself is not super strong, but is pleasant. Occasionally I will get a hit that tastes “burnt” even after prepping the cartridge, but it usually goes away if I wait a couple hours before using it again (not sure if it’s the vape or the juice, or the position the vape is stored in between uses). I briefly tried the flavor of juice Bradley had, the Tiger something, and that seemed to have a much stronger flavor.

What would make the e-liquid easier to use or handle? What would make the vape better? Putting the juice in the cartridge is sometimes difficult, as the stopper and the hole are about the same size and seems to overflow at times when putting it in even though there’s still room in the cartridge. A smaller dropper or larger hole would make this easier, I think. I’m also often worried about losing the stopper for the cartridge, so I think it’d be cool if there were an extra or two included.

If you had to try to sell someone these products, what would you say about them? I would definitely include the soft finish on the Feather body, its ergonomic design, as well as the refillable cartridge (that’s a sore point for Juul users). I love the buzz I get from my first few puffs, something that I don’t get when using normal e-juice and tank vapes.