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Function Guides: The Turbine Perc

By Smoke Cartel Crew on Aug 04, 2016

Harness the Maelstrom with a Turbine Perc!

Turbine percs are also known as Cyclone percs or Vortex percs. They are unique percolators that truly look as great as they function.

Turbine percs function to whip water into a whirlpool like effect, hence the name. Turbine percs have a moderate amount of drag because they generally feature less diffusion points than other percolators. This means turbines may take a second to reach their full capacity and create a real cyclone, but once the water is really spinning nothing compares!

Turbines create their cyclone effect via a few angled slits along the perimeter of the percolator. Because turbines usually only have a few diffusion points, they work well with concentrates. Turbines don’t overly diffuse your smoke, allowing you to savor all of the terps and natural flavors of your concentrates. Don’t get me wrong though, turbine percs are also awesome percolators for flower seshes! The turbine perc is truly enchanting to watch function— especially when flower smoke is pushed through the perc. The thicker white smoke created by flowers enables you to see the tornado effect even better than you would with concentrates. If you’re looking for a conversation starter of a piece, you should definitely consider a Turbine perc! 

Turbine percs are often paired with other percolators. In this event, they also function as a sort of splash guard. Because turbines are discs that only let water through a few angled slits, they greatly reduce any chance of splash back. This makes turbines a great addition to any water pipe as they provide percolation and sip prevention!

Note: For more information about percolators, check out this article!



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