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Becky Beardsley - HaHa Glass

You may know Becky Beardsley as Haha Glass, the name behind the “Frozen Flame” waterpipe, the “Blue Ridge Sunrise” sherlock, the “Song Bird” heady collab with Lindsay Hoyes, and more.  HaHa Glass works in Asheville, North Carolina, where she has been glassblowing for just over 10 years.




Sherlocks, Pendants, and Swirls

HaHa - RigHaha Glass is known best for the swirling motifs on all of Beardsley’s work.  Many of HaHa Glass’s pieces are centered around natural themes, especially birds, feathers, and the sense of flight.  She is also colorblind, which has lead to some exceptional color palettes on her pipes.  With a natural inclination towards wig wag color working and the Blue Cheese color of glass, Haha Glass can be instantly recognized on a shelf of glass.  Many of HaHa Glass’s hand pipes are in the sherlock style, perfect for accentuating her swirl designs.  Most of her sherlocks also double as pendants that can be worn as jewelry.






Joint Forces and the Asheville Scene

HaHa - SherlockSome of Beardsley’s work as Haha Glass can be found through Joint Forces Glass, a distributor also based out of Asheville, North Carolina.  She has also worked with many other Asheville artists, including Shane Smith and Marty Preston.  Beardsley stands out in her industry as a local high-quality blower, and her bold colors combined with her swirling elements make her one of the brightest spots in the U.S. glassblowing scene.
















Questions and Answers with HaHa Glass


Q: How did you get started in glassblowing?

I started blowing glass in 2004 in Charlottesville, VA.  Josh Pitts aka Why Try was my first teacher. I immediately knew that I was overwhelmed with fascination for the medium and have never looked back.

Q: How has being around other Asheville artists influenced your work?

The community in Asheville is special. Competition may typically fuel ambition, but really there, it is the creativity and kindness of the community that inspires me.  People are very open to collaborate and help each other.  The friendships I've gained have offered me so many opportunities and sooo much knowledge. When your friends expect you to be awesome and are an amazing support system, pushing yourself is the only option.

Q: What draws you to the swirling technique of glassblowing?

I really love sculpting hollow glass. Curls are something that I feel like developed naturally over time. I truly just love making them, the flow!

Q: In making the choice to have your pipes double as pendants, has the glass jewelry industry impacted your design choices?  If so, how?

The most influence from jewelry I've had comes from being close to a few of wire wrappers and metalsmiths. I love the layering, intricacy, and development of the flow of the piece.

Q: How has working as a woman in a male-dominated industry helped/hindered you?

I feel like I've been treated equally and I've never expected anything else. I'm very lucky to be a part of this community of talented people that appreciate hard work, dedication, and desire. The world is full of talented expert glass artists, men and women, the pipe community is no different.

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