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Straight Out Of Philly

Luca Falso started Illadelph Glass back in 2002 after studying glassblowing at the Crefeld School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The company stays close to its urban roots, and produces its entire line of glass right from the urban center of Philadelphia.  Illadelph maintains the outlook of Philadelphian pride and uses it towards a pride in their own glass, ensuring high-quality care and attention in every piece they make.

Scientific Glass with a Focus on Function

Illadelph focuses its product line on scientific glass pieces ranging from straight tubes and beaker bases to glycerin coils and bubblers.  Even Illadelph’s bowls and ashcatchers are highly prized for their perfect filtration -- no hit from these babies is too strong, no natural flavors lost.  By constantly pushing the boundaries of functional scientific glass, Illadelph has reached impeccable highs in quality and craftsmanship.

Illadelph is constantly expanding its product line and picking up more and more collaborators.  Since the Illadelph brand is so popular and valuable, many counterfeits have popped up on the market.  To ensure authenticity, Illadelph only uses quality branded decals and keck clips on its pieces, which always come packaged in an all-over print designed box with an authorized barcode.  This is just another effort to ensure that customers are getting the best product available to them.

A Tendency Towards Innovation

Over the course of its 14 year run, Illadelph has created its own series of unique percs and new technologies.  Using disc-technology, Illadelph has created its line of unique showerhead percolators.  \These showerheads are slightly flattened and bounce smoke and water against the glass disc at the base of the main water chamber.  Illadelph also uses multi-hole technology on its bowls to allow for immediate filtration of dry herbs while also helping to keep your pipe as clean as new.  You can buy these bowls separately with the 14.5mm Multi-Hole Round Bowl or in chillum form with the Multi-Hole One-Hitter.

Questions and Answers with Illadelph Founder, Luca Falso

Q: How did Illadelph get started in the glass industry?

I started blowing glass at the age of 15 with the intent of making the best pipes ever made.

Q: What makes Illadelph the high-quality mainstay it has become in the glass industry?

Devotion to craftsmanship as well as quality control.  As well as customer service.

Q: How have Illadelph’s technological innovations impacted the industry?

We were one of the first to transcend the boundaries between scientific glass and pipe making.

Q: What is Illadelph’s philosophy regarding aesthetic design?

Things need to be perfect!

Q: How does Illadelph approach creative collaborations with other artists?

We are always looking for the right “fit” for our collaborations, with work that best accents our technical abilities.

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