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Electronic Nails: Stress Free Dabbing

By Smoke Cartel Crew on May 26, 2017

Electric Nails sound intimidating to the unknowing dabber. A nail that automatically heats up? The machines are becoming sentient!

Jokes aside, E-nails are a wonderful tool fit for any dabber. Electric nails remove a blue-hot torch from the equation in exchange for a heat generating coil, allowing dabbers to hit perfect temp dabs on their rig with little to no effort.

When using a torch to enjoy concentrates, dabbers heat their nail and wait for it cool to their preferred temperature. With electric nails, there’s no wait time! Once your nail is up to temp, you’re free to dab at your leisure until you turn off the nail.

This makes multiple person dab seshes much smoother. You and your friends can now take dabs in succession— one after another without having to yell over a loud torch to converse between hits.

E-nails also enable dabbers to take dabs at precise temperatures. For concentrate connoisseurs who enjoy low temp dabs, this feature is essential. E-nails alleviate the temperature/timing learning curve present in dabbing.

If you’re not proficient at assessing heat with your hand, you should definitely consider an E-nail! Nothing is worse than hot dabs— they destroy your terpenes and don’t allow you to experience the full tastes and effects of your concentrates. This makes E-nails the best device for dabbers who want to get the most of their terps.


Electronic nails are available in two standard sizes.

E-nails are sized to fit two standard coils: 16mm and 20mm. When purchasing an electric nail or a nail to use with your E-nail setup, you want to make sure the coil sizes match up.

A 16mm coil simply won’t fit on a 20mm nail, and a 20mm coil will be much too large for a 16mm nail. Keep in mind that these sizes are in addition to standard joint size and gender.

I know, it gets tricky with how many sizes you’re supposed to know. But Smoke Cartel has your back with our trusty Joint Size & Gender article.

E-nails sound awesome! Are there any cons?

The main downside to using an E-nail is the lack of portability. While these devices can obviously be packed up, a butane torch is often an easier option for on-the-go dabbing. If you usually dab at your home dabstation, then by all means, scoop an E-nail! But if you’re a dabber that likes to pack up your rig and take it with you, you’ll still want to have access to a torch.

The other downside to E-nails is the inconvenience of a coil. If you’ve got a feng-shui dabstation where your E-nail cable could easily be placed out of sight and out of mind, then it’s not an inconvenience. But if you set up your E-nail on a coffee table in front of your couch with the power cable strewn across the floor to an outlet, you’re gonna have a bad time.

The power cable could be easily yanked by a careless passerby, pulling the E-nail unit and your glass over and onto the floor. Glass doesn’t like to be knocked over, every smoker knows that! So, if (when) you scoop an E-nail, make sure that the power cable is out of the way and not trailing across the ground.


If you’re looking for a stress free sesh, check out Smoke Cartel’s collection of E-nails!

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