By Smoke Cartel Crew on Aug 18, 2016

The Platinum Standard

Rooted in LA, Pulse glass has been a staple in the glass industry since 2012. The Pulse glass team is renowned for delivering high quality functional glass at an excellent price point. All of their pieces are forged from German Schott glass, the best glass in the game! Pulse has stringent quality standards and many of the pieces feature unique percs. 

  • How would you define the Pulse Glass “Platinum Standard?”
  • Everyone, everywhere talks about the “gold standard.” The Pulse Glass family believes in yet a higher standard than that: Platinum Standard. Every detail counts. Starting from where we get our glass rods down to Pulse’s label and family motto, it’s all backed by our platinum standard level of service.

  • What inspired the gas mask motif popping up on the latest Pulse pieces?
  • Historically when Pulse first launched in 2012, we introduced anatomy into our designs with our brain percolators. From there we branched out into the tongue percolators in 2013 and in 2015 we launched the Pulse Fab Munny, working on whole body styles. In 2014 Pulse launched the Gas Nozzle barrel body. The gas mask falls in line with our style and was inspired by something used and seen often in our lives. Masks are everywhere, from filtering out pollution to providing anonymity.  

  • What makes the Pulse family?
  • Yes some of us share blood and that makes us family. But it is not only blood that makes one family. It is the time spent together, dreams and experiences shared. We are family because we all chose to be a part of this, we’re all working together to build something.

  • What inspired the decision to use real platinum in your labels?
  • Not only is Platinum one of the most rare and valuable precious metals, but it is also one of the least reactive metals. This makes it remarkably resistant to corrosion, even at high temperatures. The gleam and shine of Pulse’s signature platinum labels unmistakably leaves a lasting impression.

  • What drives the innovation behind the unique body styles found in the Pulse product line?
  • It is all about how the piece functions, the angles of its aesthetics and of course – having a little fun with every design. The Pulse Glass family have rules we impose on ourselves to ensure all of Pulse’s work clearly presents our expert craftsmanship.



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