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The Herbalizer is the best vaporizer on the market.

Seriously, nothing comes close. The Herbalizer is insanely versatile— it works with both flowers and concentrates, and can be used with either a whip, volcano-style bags, or even a glass cooling attachment!

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The Herbalizer team is made up of previous NASA Engineers, who put their heads together to craft a revolutionary vaporizer. Their invention took four years to create and fine tune, and the attention to detail really shows. Unlike your traditional bong, the Herbalizer is powered by an intense Halogen light bulb, providing 300 watts of convection power. This bulb heats to your desired temperature exponentially faster than any competing vaporizer on the market. With the Herbalizer, there’s no turning on your vape and waiting five minutes before enjoying it. Once you flip the lid on the Herbalizer, it’ll be ready to go in a matter of seconds!

The Herbalizer regulates temperatures within five degrees of the intended temperature. You can pull as hard as possible on the whip and it’ll still maintain the temperature, this is due to a combination of the Halogen bulb (the surface of which reaches 800° F) and the Herbalizer’s microprocessor. The microprocessor functions to maintain the exact temperature and makes adjustments within hundredths of a second.

Without the microprocessor, it would be tricky to keep such a powerful light bulb from combusting your product. That’s the exact beauty of this machine— these two excellent components work in harmony to deliver a phenomenal vaping experience. The microprocessor also has a Tip Over Auto-Shutoff failsafe function to prevent damage if your vape is yanked onto the floor. Once the microprocessor senses it’s not on level ground, it automatically shuts down and remembers your previous temperature.

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The Herbalizer is setup to facilitate a wide range of different vaporizing experiences and gets as low as 290° F. Between 290°F-330°F, the vaporizer delivers an “Uplifting” experience. According to Relief by Design, these lower temperatures deliver a much more alert and lighter vaping experience with users reporting peaceful, anxiety reducing effects. This setting is great for individuals who need to medicate in the morning but are not looking to be totally knocked out.

The “Balanced” temperatures sit between 330°F-390°F, this range gives users moderate head-high experiences, stimulating creativity and creating euphoric effects. The “Intense” temperature set exists between 390° F and 445°F, this range delivers the most pain relief, relaxation, and heavier medicinal effects than the subsequent ranges.

While the Halogen light bulbs surface heats up to 800° F, the Herbalizer only heats up your herbs to a maximum of 445° F. This cap was chosen by the engineers to prevent combustion, and guarantees users have only pleasurable vaping seshes with the Herbalizer. Combustion begins at 451° F, and with combusted materials come a variety of different harmful byproducts such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Because the Herbalizer is a medical device above all else, releasing noxious gasses defeats the purpose of using the device.

The 445° F temperature cap ensures that users enjoy the full flavor of their products. Though terpene research is relatively new within the industry, boiling points for terpenes generally don’t exceed 450° F. This makes the Herbalizer a perfect vaporizer for users who want to taste every flavor of their herbs and concentrates.

For example, say you have a Limonene forward concentrate. Limonene has a boiling point of 349° F and has been known to treat anxiety and depression. Users could target Limonene with their Herbalizer by setting it up for 349° F and vaping. This precise temperature control is extremely important for patients that are looking for specific effects delivered by specific temperatures. The Herbalizer has also become the tool used to analyze terpenes and potency for Green Leaf Labs and other renowned laboratories. It has to be a phenomenal product if it suits the needs of professionals!

The Herbalizer  The Herbalizer and whip

The Herbalizer is a great concentrate vaporizer and ships with two wire Aromapads for use with any wax, oil, or shatter. If you’ve got a more liquidy oil, feel free to use two of the Aromapads to prevent the contents from dripping through to the light source.

While ideal temperatures will vary depending on the strain and desired effects, the Herbalizer’s microprocessor remembers your last set temperature. Upon lifting the lid, the Herbalizer quickly begins heating up to the previous temperature. This helps keep start up times low and enables you to get straight to vaping.

Another awesome feature of the Herbalizer is its Fan Assist mode, this mode is activated by clicking the center circular button on the unit. Fan Assist mode functions to gently deliver the vapor to your lungs, removing any need for pulling on the whip. With the Fan Assist mode on, you simply just have to place the whip between your lips and the machine does the work for you! This Fan Assist mode can also be used to fill a room with vapor. This mode is known as Freestyle, and makes it easy to enjoy your Herbalizer while also partaking in activities that prevent you from holding a whip or bag.

Similar to Freestyle mode, the Herbalizer offers Aromatherapy as well. Aromatherapy is frequently used in holistic medicine to promote unity between mind, body and spirit. To use the Herbalizer with Aromatherapy, grab one of the wire Aromatherapy pads and drip your essential oils onto the surface of the pad. Drop the pad into the chamber, seal it, and place it onto the Herbalizer. Once set up, select Aromatherapy and choose how many minutes you’d like to experience Aromatherapy. The Herbalizer will then begin steadily releasing the vapor of your essential oils into your environment. Until now, this setting has been unheard of within the vaporizer industry.

The entire aesthetic of the Herbalizer is on point. This thing is a wolf in sheep’s clothing— it doesn’t even partially resemble a vaporizer! You could have this device sitting on your coffee table in front of your mother, and she’d be totally unsuspecting of the device. It doesn’t have a menacing appearance the way many vaporizers or concentrate accessories might appear to your mother… If she does notice the Herbalizer, she likely won’t be offended by it. Instead, she’ll ask how to use the Aromatherapy setting. This difference in reaction is due to the Herbalizer’s medical appearance, every component of the herbie is made up of high quality medical grade plastics.

This gives the device a prestigious look that is generally absent from other vaporizers. Because the Herbalizer looks like a medical device rather than a recreational device, Canadian doctors were receptive to the device. Relief by Design are currently in the process of registering the Herbalizer as a medical device in Canada, enabling patients to have insurance companies subsidize the cost.

As a whole, the Herbalizer is excellent, the whip and bag experiences are both unique and dialed in. The device gives you exact temperature control and is even set up to deliver Aromatherapy. Every component of the device is high quality, from the halogen bulb to the easy squeeze valve balloon.

Relief by Design really paid attention to the little details with this device, and they add up. Upon plugging in and opening the Herbalizer’s lid, users are even presented with a variety of playful messages such as “Every molecule makes you feel something different,” or my personal favorite, “Vape like a boss.” These messages vary and give the Herbalizer a wonderful personal element that is absent from competing vaporizers.

So...what are you waiting for? Scoop a Herbalizer from Smoke Cartel!

 The Herbalizer The Herbalizer Set

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