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Sometimes finding the right percolator for you can be tricky. There are hundreds of percs used in the industry, some of which don't even have names! We've conjured up this quick list of 5 awesome percs that we love, but that can sometimes be overlooked.

5 - The Bridge Perc

Pictured: Liquid Sci Glass Bridge Perc Straight Tube Water Pipe

The bridge perc is designed to percolate smoke and water at 360 degrees.  Perfect for flower pieces, this kind of action will ensure that you get top notch filtration out of your dry herbs.  With this perc, expect a hearty pull with controlled flavors.  A bridge perc piece is perfect for a nice chillout sesh, and its low maintenance means this thing is a breeze to clean and won't have you pulling your hair out every time you want to go in for a strong hit.

4 - The Gear Perc

Pictured: Three Monkey Designs Gear Perc Concentrate Rig With Colored Accents

Gear percs are great for unlocking hidden flavors even in dry herbs.  Because of their slit style of percolation, you'll see a lot of tiny bubbles with use of the gear perc.  And of course, the more bubbles, the better filtration and natural flavors you'll get out of your stash.  Grab a pipe with a gear perc if you're a fan of very clean and subtle hits, with just that slight note of flavor.  With the gear perc you have the option of going in for a massive rip, or just for a quick puff before the start of the day.

3 - The Spore Perc

Pictured: Sesh Supply ‚ÄúPhorbas‚ÄĚ Spore Perc Beaker

If you're looking for bouncy flavors with mild filtration, check out the spore perc.  The spore perc uses a cluster of glass dots to shoot and rattle the smoke and water in the main chamber.  Even with such a light filtration, feel free to demand impressive hits out of your spore perc piece.  The spore perc is great for social and energetic sesh environments where you want to get high functionality out of your piece without sacrificing the spirit and flavors of your stash.

2 - The Cross Perc

Pictured: JM Flow Sci Glass Cross Perc to Double Cross Perc Tube

JM Flow is known for its unique percs, but the cross perc is one that can often go overlooked despite its incredible function.ÔĽŅ¬†The cross perc's upwards motion gives it some of the easiest pull out of any percolator. ¬†Its flat nature also makes it easy to stack, meaning you'll not only be getting incredibly smooth hits, but well-filtered ones as well. ¬†The breathiness of the cross perc also lends it towards more flavorful hits, making it perfect for concentrate use.

1 - The Geyser Perc

Pictured: Hi Si Glass Hex Stemless Bubbler

Hi Si Glass's unique geyser perc is a treat to those who are familiar with it. The geyser perc uses a dimpled surface to shoot smoke and water up through its chambers similar to the action of a geyser.  The geyser perc is incredibly well-rounded, offering not only fantastic filtration and flavors, but an easy pull with bubbly undercurrents.  The geyser perc works great with both flower and legal concentrate, making it easy to use and perfect for any smoker whether they're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer.

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