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Vortex Bong

If you like being entertained by your water pipe, look no further than the highly satisfying vortex bong.

The turbine perc in this pipe swirls the water in a vortex pattern to achieve the perfect amount of filtration without going overboard—and produces a pretty cool effect to boot: Watch the turbine perc in action through crystal-clear glass and marvel at how fast you can get it spinning!

You won’t have to worry about splash back with the swirling vortex's built-in splash guard as added protection against accidental water shows. The only show you will be putting on is for your friends who will be amazed over your cool new bong.

The few points of diffusion on this design are ideal for concentrates, as they won’t overly diffuse the smoke. However, fragrant herb has also been known to retain its natural flavors through this model. Plus, the turbine perc helps produce nicely dense clouds with herb.

It’s a win-win for users who like to switch things up every now and then. The bowl is also detachable, and switching to a nail is a breeze. We recommend using a quartz nail with this model to keep the overall design congruent. However, ceramic nails would also fit this pipe, depending on your preference.

Almost everyone who tries a turbine styled water pipe enjoys both the visual element of the turbine, as well as the balanced diffusion rates. You won’t be disappointed with this vortex wonder!



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