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Titanium Nails

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Titanium nails are a very popular heating element for use with concentrates and oils. Titanium is the most durable heating element currently available on the market. Unlike glass and ceramic nails, titanium nails won’t shatter when heated incorrectly. Titanium requires longer heating times than glass and quartz nails but has solid heat retention. If you’re a dabber that enjoys low temp dabs, it will take you longer to reach ideal dabbing temperatures on a titanium nail than quartz. On the other hand, titanium cools at a much faster rate than ceramic.

Smoke Cartel has many different types of Titanium nails available for purchase. If you’re looking for a fully adjustable titanium nails for use with a dome, we’ve got you covered. Are you a fan of domeless nails? We’ve got a wide variety— from fully universal nails that fit any joint to sturdy side arms. If you’re a fan of titanium durability and quartz flavor, you should check out our DabWorthy Anondized Universal Nail. These sweet heating elements are available in several different colors (including gold) and feature a quartz dish atop a domeless titanium nail. If you’re considering scooping a new domeless Titanium nail, don’t forget to invest in a new carb cap! Carp caps are essential tools for dabbers who want to enjoy the full flavor and effects of their concentrates.

10mm, 14mm, or 19mm Adjustable Titanium Nail

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10mm– 14.5mm– 18.8mm

Flux Titanium Nail in 10mm, 14.5mm, or 18.8mm

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10mm– 14.5mm– 18.8mm

DabWorthy Titanium Female Nail - 14mm/18mm

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GlassGuard Eligible

"Good to Go" Concentrate Starter Kit

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