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Dab Nails and Dab Rig Nails to fill up your toolkit. 

Nails, carb caps, dabber tools, and accessories are a crucial part of the concentrate (dabbing) process. We have a great selection of accessories, from adjustable nails to domeless nails to shore up your equipment!

Nails can be made of ceramictitaniumquartz, and glass and come in a multitude of sizes. Don’t worry, we have it all: 10mm, 14mm, & 18mm, male and female accessories, domed and domeless. 

Dabber nails can be made of the same array of materials, all depending on your preference. You can find bangers, direct inject, flux nails, side arms and honey buckets all here!

Dab Nails for Oil Rigs

Quartz Banger

The quartz banger is convenient because it doesn’t require a dome and curves away from the rig for easier dabbing access. Since the nail is further from the rig itself, heat stress fractures to the body of the rig are less common.

Although quartz nails can still break if dropped, they are far more durable than glass when it comes to heat stress fractures. They take a bit longer to heat than glass and cool faster, but when heated correctly they produce extremely smooth dabs.

Titanium Nails

By far the most durable, titanium nails are also the most expensive. They have been known to scorch product if heated too long, but users won’t have to heat this nail for very long for it to reach optimal temperature. Some titanium nails will transfer a metallic taste to the vapor, but quality titanium should be fairly tasteless. Most universal and adjustable nails are titanium so you won’t have to worry about buying different sized nails for your various rigs. Some titanium nails are electronic and allow the user to preset the temperature for various concentrates, which is another helpful feature.

Ceramic Nails

These nails may add flavor to your dab, which you may or may not enjoy. Ceramic can also crack under too much heat and is fragile like glass, so careful. This material does take longer to heat than glass, but it retains the heat longer, ensuring the full use and consumption of your concentrate before the nail has time to cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is when you smoke concentrates such as wax, shatter, oils, CBD or other "dabs" that has been extracted into the form of a sticky oil called “wax” or “shatter.” Dabbing is often more intense and requires a significant amount of heat— which can be done using a butane torch and a dab rig.

What are dabs?

A dab is a concentrated form of cannabis or CBD such as wax, shatter, live resin, or other concentrate that has been isolated into a sticky oil, often referred to as “wax” or “shatter.” Dabs deliver a more intense dose and require a dab rig and butane dab torch, or dab pen, to be heated properly.

How do you dab with a nail?

Dabbing requires the use of a dab rig and a butane torch, as the oil concentrates have a significantly higher burning point than flower. Use the butane torch to heat the dab nail to the desired temperature and quickly swirl the oil around the nail using a dabber tool. Many are discouraged from dabbing as they believe it is more complicated, but we carry many products that actually make this one of the easiest ways to smoke-- such as dab pens, customized Torch Art butane torches, and mini dab rigs.



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