Small Bongs

Small stature, big power.

Don't let the little size of these baby bongs and wee water pipes confuse you. Make no mistake, their thick glass and fine engineering get the job done like a giant!

Small bongs come with a built-in advantage: The price is typically lower than a full-sized water pipe. Most standard mini bongs will cost less than $100. However, some more ornate designs can run into the upper $300’s and lower $400’s.

If you appreciate the more clever and intricate designs of full-sized water pipes, you won’t be disappointed in mini bongs. Some of the full-sized designs are found in mini bong collections as well—they just fit in your hand a little easier!

Lovers of scientific glass will also find something of value in our mini bong collection. Below you can find recyclers, percolators, and beaker mini bongs. Some are even fitted with dabbing attachments for the dab enthusiasts. Mini dab rigs come with permanent attachments or will fit most any regular sized attachment you may already have. Just make sure to check the sizing and gender before pairing them to a mini dab rig.



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