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For centuries, rolling papers have been a vehicle of choice for all types of smokable herbs. They are essentially thin pieces of paper (called leaves) that can be filled with herb and rolled up to form a joint or cigarette.

If you're on this website at all, odds are you've already encountered a joint at least once in your life. And they are popular for a reason. 

After a bit of practice, joints are fairly easy to roll. They contain small amounts of adhesive, allowing the ends to stick together similarly to licking an envelope.

The biggest distinguishing factor of rolling papers is their material. 

Wood Pulp 

This is the most common and has been used in rolling paper for ages. You may have even seen Ben Franklin smoking a wood pulp joint (you can't prove that he didn't). 

Wood Pulp papers are probably the easiest to roll due their thickness, making them a great choice for beginners. This also means they won't go out easily, so they are ideal for puffing and passing. 

But as new materials have become available, the disadvantages of traditional wood pulp leaves have become more apparent. They have more of an overt taste, and they are not as environmentally friendly as other materials. 


Hemp papers are becoming more and more popular with the Renaissance of hemp/CBD products, and could very well soon overtake Wood Pulp as the most popular rolling material.

Hemp papers fairly easy to roll, burn at a moderate speed, and have relatively little intrusive taste. But the biggest reason people opt for hemp rolling papers is they are all-natural, environmentally friendly, and have no additives sometimes found in other materials.


Rice isn’t just for jambalaya. It also makes for an excellent rolling paper material.

Rice papers are thin, nearly translucent, entirely tasteless, and environmentally friendly. The downside is that they are difficult to roll and tend to go out easily, so rice papers are best for people with some previous rolling experience.

But you master the art of rolling, rice papers can be some of the most rewarding leaves you’ll ever use.



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