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Roll with it, baby.

Rolling papers are the classic way to smoke and are the preferred method for many smokers. 

Rolling papers are measured by length and width, and larger papers enable smokers to roll and consume larger quantities of herbs in one sitting.

Smoking papers are created from a variety of different resources such as rice, hemp, and other cellulose fibers. (Contrary to popular belief, rolling papers were invented in Spain, not France.)

The gum strip used to seal rolling papers is normally made from the sap of Acacia trees. In order to obtain the sugary sap of the Acacia, producers make incisions in the bark of the tree and extract the sap. Acacia trees are native to semi-desert regions of Africa where the sap is harnessed.

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Whether you’re looking for one and a quarters, double wides, king size papers, or even cut-your-own size rolls, we’ve got your stash covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you roll a joint with paper?

Rolling joints with regular paper is not generally advised, especially if it has any ink on it, which you should not inhale. Pick up a pack of papers, which are made from natural materials, for the safest way to smoke. Once you have your paper, fold a crease in it longways to act as a holder for your herbs. Then pinch both sides of the paper together to enclose your herbs, forming a cylindrical shape. Continue rolling the paper back and forth to solidify the shape, then lick one side of the paper and smooth it down to enclose your joint.

Top 10 Best Rolling Papers

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