Inline Perc - Water Pipes, Dab Rigs, and Bongs

Inline Perc - Water Pipes, Dab Rigs, and Bongs

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An inline perc is a horizontal tube with gridded slits cut around and under the tube.  These classic percs offer great diffusion without sacrificing for airflow.

BoroTech Glass "Tyr" Swiss Ball Recycler with Inline Perc

$ 139.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 199.00


3 Color Options

GlassGuard Eligible

UPC Genie Lamp Inline Ashcatcher

$ 45.00


4 Sizes Available

GlassGuard Eligible

BoroTech Glass "Njord" Inline Fab Body Recycler

From $ 220.00


4 Color Options

GlassGuard Eligible

Empire Glassworks "Submachine" Tiered Rig

$ 400.00

GlassGuard Eligible

“The Twincycler” Double Chambered Dual Recycler

$ 139.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 189.00


GlassGuard Eligible

BoroTech Glass "Seidr" Forked Dual Internal Recycler

From $ 150.00


5 Color Options

GlassGuard Eligible

Bear Mountain Studios "Honey Jar" in Fritted Wisteria with Opal Green

$ 810.00

Unique One of a Kind PieceHeady Glass

High Tech Glassworks "#1 Dab" Mug Rig

$ 280.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 300.00

Empire Glassworks "Gun Ship" Tiered Rig

$ 400.00

GlassGuard Eligible

Honey Supply "Honey Mug" Concentrate Rig

$ 160.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 200.00


2 Sizes Available

Empire Glassworks "Honeydrips Pocket Monster Ball" Inline Sidecar Waterpipe

$ 340.00


2 Sizes Available

GlassGuard Eligible

Empire Glassworks "Mushrooms" Inline Rig

$ 285.00

14.5mm– 18.8mm

GlassGuard Eligible


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