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If you're looking to start your hookah career, you can't just get a hookah and start puffin' away at MeeMaw's house. Well, you can, you just have to make sure you have all the right equipment.

Bowl - The bowl of the hookah is what holds your shisha, a syrupy tobacco concoction designed specifically for flavorful hookah smoking. There are many styles of bowls, differing mainly in interior depth and width. 

Charcoal - To keep the slow burn consistent, many different types of charcoal can be placed below your shisha between a screen. The charcoal then burns red hot the entirety of your session, kind of like barbecuing a pork shoulder.

Screens - The screen is what you place in between your charcoal and your shisha.

Hose - The hose of a hookah is what you use to pull the smoke or vapor after it has traveled down from the bowl and been filtered by the water in the bottom. This functions very similarly to a water pipe, with the hose being attached to a downstem. You can add one hose or multiple-- sharing is caring!

These are the main portions of a hookah that can be interchanged and replaced. Hookahs are seemingly complex and intricate devices, but once you get the hang of it, it's as simple as riding a bike-- and much more rewarding. 



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