Honeycomb Ash Catcher

Wanna catch some ash?

Ash catchers are an awesome addition to any water pipe. They keep your bong or pipe nice and clean as they catch the ash before it falls into the base, 'cause nobody likes burnt ash in the pool, know what we mean? 

Many ash catchers also include percolators for extra filtration. The honeycomb ash catcher is a basic type of percolators that delivers ample filtration at a great value. The honeycomb percolator sits level with the water line and includes around 30 holes for the water to pass through. All the holes divide up the smoke, allowing for more surface area to interact with the water, filter out toxins, and cool down the smoke before inhalation.

There are several benefits to a honeycomb percolator:

Easy breathing. There is a low amount of drag on the hit, meaning there won’t be a ton of resistance from the percolator when the user is trying to inhale the filtered smoke. The number of holes allows for optimum percolation but doesn't slow down the water flow  at the same time. Usually, 30 holes seems to be the magic number on both accounts.

Works well with others. Since these percolators are fairly light and small, users can find ash catchers and water pipes themselves that have multiple honeycomb percs stacked for extra filtration. The number of percs needed in a pipe depends largely on the user and their preferences.

No fuss, low-maintenance. Like a good guest, the honeycomb ash catcher cleans up after itself. Honeycomb ash catchers can be much easier to clean than their more complicated counterparts since it’s just a flat disc with multiple holes. Just find a pipe cleaner that can scrub between the holes, and voila -- clean that ash!



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