Helix Hand Pipes

All the power of the helix, with smaller DNA!

Like their innovative counterparts, helix bongs, the helix hand pipe uses the amazing shape of genetic code to deliver smooth, swirling hits. 

The cone-like shape produces a tornado-like that aerates the smoke, functioning like an alcohol decanter that aerates wine as it pours. The cyclone also increases the speed of the smoke as it forces the plume into a narrower and narrower space, which cools the smoke. But don’t let the coolness fool yathese devices are known to pack a large punch! 

The helix hand pipe uses no water at all, unlike the Helix beaker bong and bubbler by Grav Labs use water in the base. However, the top part of both devices swirls the smoke after its come in contact with the water. So, not only does it look insanely cool while you are taking a hit, but the magic trick of the design also serves a useful purpose. 

Besides looking wickedly cool, the helix bongs, bubblers and spoons by Grav Labs are also highly functional. Employing the same shape as the building blocks of life, the ingenious design uses small holes in the chamber that makes the vapor form a double helix type pattern as it travels toward the mouthpiece. The helix-shaped swirling motion effectively cools the vapor for a surprisingly smooth hit. You could even say it creates a "tornado-like" effect inside the glass, which is sure to wow your friends. 

The Helix design can be found in water pipes, dab rigs, and dry hand pipes crafted by Grav Labs (check out the collection here.) Since the helix cools and smooths the vapor, you may find you don’t need an extra percolator for your water pipes or dab rigs. A diffused downstem is usually the only extra percolation you need to achieve the desired effect. Dry hand pipe users will also enjoy the much smoother hits that the helix design provides.

As a relatively newer design, the helix is sure to make an impression at parties. Although already popular amongst avid smokers, you won’t be able to find this unique product on every website. We’re sure that the creative functionality paired with the original look will catch on as more and more users discover the greatness of helix.

Whether you’re a friend of the water pipe, dab rig, or hand pipe, you can find one with a helix design and experience the difference. Be one of the first to experiment with this design and discover just how amazing it truly is.




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